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Industrial Revolution Resources

These resources will help you find information on inventors, immigration, big business, and labor conditions. DISCUS (above) has many resources that will be helpful in finding information. Biography In Context is an excellent resource for the inventor project.  Make sure to choose keywords carefully and that they are spelled correctly.

Keywords - inventors, Industrial Revolution, labor, inventor's name, child labor laws, inventions industrial revolution, Industrial Revolution transportation, etc. 

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Social Studies For Kids

Scientists and Inventors for Kids


Early American Industrial Revolution 1793-1850 (2003) by Katie Bagley

Lowell Mill Girls (2006) by Alice Flanagan

We the People: Industrial Revolution (2005) by Kitty Shea

Kids AT Work : Lewis Hine and the Crusade Against Child Labor (1994) by Russell Freedman

American Tycoons: Andrew Carnegie and the Steel Industry (2003) by Lewis Parker

Who Was Thomas Alva Edison (2005) by Margaret Frith and John O'Brien

Thomas Edison: A Brilliant Inventor (2005) by Lisa DeMauro 

Airbourne: Photobiography of Wilbur and Orville Wright (2003) by Mary Collins

To Fly: the Story of the Wright Brothers (2002) by Wendie Old

Videos on Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution

Child Labor

Inventions Timeline

Thomas Edison - Lightbulb

Henry Ford

Andrew Carnegie