Hello My Name Is...

Debbie Matthews



Hello! I am the art teacher, Debbie Matthews. I have been teaching at Pate since 1985!!!
I am married and have two wonderful sons who are now in college. I look at my Carolina  students as my extended family. I anticipate sharing many pleasurable experiences with them.I feel that art can enrich all of our lives. It is through expressing ourselves that we make connections with each other and art allows us to do that. Art is used in so many areas of our lives and often we don't even realize how important it is.  Artistic designs are used to enhance fabric, furniture, utensils, and media. It adorns our walls and hairstyles. Look around, art is everywhere!

 What we are learning about in Art...      

  • Lines, Colors, Shapes, Form,Texture, Space, Value                    
  • Different art mediums and techniques  
  • Artists and their works
  • Principles used to make art better